Referendum stuff

So much brilliant writing has already been produced on referendum issues, mostly on independent blogs (Wings Over Scotland, Newsnet Scotland, Business for Scotland, to name but a few) by experts from all sorts of diverse fields, that I’ve mostly been reading articles and sharing them on facebook, rather than assuming that I can produce anything worth reading. 

Recently though, I’ve begun posting a few of my own thoughts on facebook, but because that site can be problematic for sharing ideas and tends to very quickly bury posts – and because a lot of people understandably do not want to use facebook – I’ve decided to collate some of them here. 

One of my interests since studying it at university is argumentation, which allows you to pick apart arguments even without specific knowledge about a topic, going by logic alone.

The first two posts to follow examine two analogies commonly found within No campaign rhetoric.

It may be that no-one will read them but me, and I see that as no loss to the fantastic, vibrant campaign which already exists, and it is possible that what I say has been said already, and better, elsewhere, but even if one person thinks twice about the way their emotions are being manipulated by the No campaign after reading this blog, I will consider it worth it.


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